MangaKisa Alternatives – Best Sites to Read Manga Online in 2022

Mangakisa is a stylishly designed website that allows users from all over the world to read manga online. This website offers a large selection of comics you can choose from and has an easy to use UI which makes it easy to browse and look for new options to read manga.

However, if you are experiencing any type of interruption while reading through Mangakisa, we have collected a list of websites that you can switch to and read manga for free online. See below for further details:

Best Alternatives for MangaKisa

Few are the best alternatives for MangaKisa where you can read and download manga in 2022.

Manga Updates

Manga Updates is a great platform where you can choose to read online manga because their collection is full of different genres and categories of comics and series.

This website is our top pick mainly because the interface of this site is very much similar to Mangakisa.

If you don’t know where to start then try reading some of their recommendations first as these will give you an idea about what kind of genres there are available in this website and which one might suit your taste better than others.


Manga 168 has a large number of manga series. Whether you’re looking for something new or you’re a fan of a certain manga genre, this website has it all.

There are plenty of manga here to choose from but the best part is that you can download and read them online for free.

Most of the popular manga series are available on this website and there are also some which might be new to you so it’s worth checking out what Manga168 has to offer. This website is a great alternative to Mangakisa.


You can find many popular titles such as Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Fairy Tail, Death Note and many more on MangaTx. If you’re not sure which one to read then check out the list on MangaTx official website and see what catches your eye. This is a very useful feature because it helps users find something that they would want to read next so they can keep coming back to check for new updates or releases.

This website is visited by thousands of users daily because of the high quality of scanned pictures and the sequential chapter sorting. The user-interface of this platform is simple and can be easily used.


MyAnimeList (also known as MAL) is an Manga and Anime providing application used by millions. It offers more than 4 million anime seasons and 800,000 high quality mangas. Every series is sorted into relevant genres and categories so it is easier for you to search by your mood.

You can also enable the notifications by enabling it from the settings of the application. This will notify you whenever there is a new anime season or a new manga releasing soon and keep you updated on what is about to be introduced in the market.

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